In 1995 the Independent Association of Ministries (I.A.M.) copyrighted “The New Jersey Prisoner Prayer and Resource Handbook,” a 372-page social and spiritual manual to help inmates and their families. The book was written and test-published by Byron L. White and Terrence Weber, in association with the First Presbyterian Church (of Freehold, N.J.) Pastor Kenneth Matthews. No solicitation funds were collected. Prototype books were printed and submitted to individuals and agencies including the N.J. Dept. of Corrections and Princeton Theological Seminary. Book is copyright registered with the Library of Congress, ISSN 1079-8242.

From 2000 to Currently, I.A.M. Founder Byron L. White has supported publication and distribution of a prisoner rehabilitation correspondent program supported by the 110-page Spiritual Section, “How to Pray,” taken from the 372-page “The New Jersey Prisoner Prayer and Resource Handbook,” which was copyrighted by I.A.M. in 1995 with the Library of Congress, ISSN 1079-8242

In Summer 2002, The Independent Association of Ministries established its first Internet Web Site, supporting the complete New Jersey Prisoner Prayer and Resource Handbook at” and later changed to

I.A.M. accepts donations for publishing and distribution costs to provide “The Prisoner Prayer Handbook” to pastors and chaplains in Maryland, Virginia and the District of Columbia jails and prisons to be distributed to inmates and their families.

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